The Future of Mobile Phones Could Be About Less Is More

Many posts have exposed our excessive smartphone habits and the potential health hazards that can result from our mobile dependence. However as smartphones continue to surpass the human experience; a few mobile designers are leading an open disobedience. Now that we have complete Internet access in the palm of our hand, what is next for mobile innovation?

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French minister says Apple and other tech companies won't co-operate to break into Paris enemies' mobile phones

Apple and other tech business have been accused of not doing enough to assist French security services access 2 phones which belonged to suicide bombers from the Paris attacks.The phones were found near the Stade de France, where Bilal Hadfi and two Iraqi jihadis blew themselves up on 13 November 2015.French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that the gadgets still have not been accessed by security services due to the encryption on the phones.

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Research reveals one in three drivers in Kent uses their mobile whilst driving

Research study by Kent County Council has found 65 % of individuals fear the greatest threat to them on the roadways is motorists using smart phones whilst at the wheel.The research, by KCC s Road Safety Team, shows that vehicle drivers approximate 39 % of motorists use a hand-held mobile phone, 34 % use a phone to text/use apps/check email/use internet and 49 % use a hands-free mobile device whilst driving.

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